We just played a small venue and had a GREAT time. Two couples visiting the area from New Jersey liked us so much, they invited us back to their Airbnb house the next night for a HOUSE CONCERT! Just the four of them, and three of us (Phil, our bassman) couldn't make it) We played and joked and shared stories, and ate until midnight, we were sorry to go. We gave out our list of requests, we played our originals, they sang along, and we made some great friends. How about a house concert for YOU? Instead of going out to the movies again to see some maybe-not-so-good flicks, why not invite a few friends over and have us entertain at around the same price, ? We're very flexible and can work out a deal somehow...We just love to play! All kinds of to us! Call 607-387-3779 or 607-229-4825 if you are interested. You DON"T need a big house...the more intimate, the better.

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